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    Auditing and other assurance
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    Our advantages:  
    Our company has a group of professionals who have domestic and overseas professional background and practical experiences. We also deploy advanced auditing software to help staffs provide high quality, high efficiency and convenient auditing services for clients. We also provide the clients with the comprehensive solution by integrating advanced resources from departments of taxation, consulting and appraising. Our company has qualification of auditing financial securities service and national companies that are managed by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).      

    Our services:
    1. Annual financial statement audit and Mid-term financial audit;
    2. Internal control audit;
    3. Asset and capital verification audit for State Owned Enterprise (SOE);
    4. Special audit for bond issue;
    5. M&A,reorganization, liquidation and etc.;
    6. Paid-up capital and registered capital audit.



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