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    Our advantage:  
    The IPO auditing team of Jiangsu SuyaJincheng Certified Public Accounts LLP,. that consists of professional and experienced experts can provide professional advice and guidance to enterprises which have intention to get access to the capital market. We provide consulting services on financial report, financial management and assets appraisal, etc.; these advices are professional in accordance to the accounting principles, disclosure requirements and exchange regulations. We evaluate the maturity of the company for the IPO and assist our clients to settle various professional financial problems during the procedure of the IPO.  

    Our services:
    1. Pre-IPO due diligence;
    2. Restructuring and M&A;
    3. Standardize financial accounting in accordance to the listing requirements;
    4. Helping enterprises to establish and improve internal control system;
    5. Offer three year period auditing and profit forecast reviewetc.



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