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Brief Introduction
Jiangsu SuyaJincheng CPA LLP., was previously under the control of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Audit, founded and registered in Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce as Jiangsu Suya Audit Firmin May, 1996. In Nov, 2013 with the permission of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Financial, Suya restructured from limited company into General Special Partnership, with a registered capital of 14.1 million RMB.
Our company was granted the qualification to implement securities and futures-related businesses approved by MoF& CSRC. Also we gain the qualification to implement forensic audit businesses,

and became member of China's Inter bank Market Dealers Association, and member of the China Securities Association. And Suya joined Nexia International in Dec 2016.

There are more than a thousand employees working for Suya, which consist of 270 CICPAs (including 10 senior CICPAs), 90 CPVs, 20 specialists for consulting, and 90 of the staffs have the advanced professional title (3 of which have senior professional title). Besides those, 10 of which are leading talents of the field, 11 got international qualifications such as ACCA, ACA and CPA of Australian among Suya’s staffs.

The headquarters of Suya is made up of Auditing Department I, Auditing Department II, Auditing Department III, Auditing Department IV, Auditing Department V, Auditing Department VI, Engagement Quality Control Review Department, Technical Support Department, Training Department, Business Development Department and General Affairs Office. Beside those, Suya has 9 branches; those are Changzhou Branch, Zhenjiang Branch, Yangzhou Branch, Lianyungang Branch, Yancheng Branch, Suzhou Branch, Wuxi Branch, Beijing Branch and Anhui Branch.

Suya had keeping ranked among the top 30 in the hundred top firms of China which issued by Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants since 2003 and reached 22 in China's top 100 accounting firms in 2016.

Suya had preserved to be an AAAAA accounting firm that graded by Jiangsu Institute of CPA from 2012.

In Nov, 1988, Suya was granted as training base by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), later it became the accounting training base of Nanjing University in Apr 2000. And Suya became the authorized training organization of ICAEW in Apr 2008; three years later, it was to be the training base of the Nanjing University in May 2011, especially for School of Economics and Management and master students of the university. In 2012, there are several important things happened to Suya, firstly, our company was approved the gold level of Employer-trainee development by ACCA in Mar; later in Jun, Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and Jiangsu Provincial Institute of CPA appointed Suya to be the youth employment and entrepreneurship probation base; for the following month, it became the base for their master students of accounting approved by Nanjing University; and Jiangsu Provincial Education Department conferred Suya to be the Graduate Enterprise Workstation of Jiangsu Province in Aug.

Our company offers lots of serves, such as financial auditing, management consulting, enterprise performance evaluation, forensic audit, for financial auditing aspect, we providing service for financial report auditing of listed company, IPO, closing audit for enterprise and non-for-profit organization, reorganization auditing, internal control auditing, finance auditing and revenue expenditure auditing, accountability auditing, bankruptcy auditing, audit for reappraise the stocks and assets of enterprises, closing audit for construction contract. And our management consulting services including enterprising strategy planning, formulation of internal control, financial adversary, tax consulting and etc.

Among the fierce competition, we insisting that the affirmative of our reputation and preeminent quality of service would last long forever, we exactly following the guidelines for the practice of Certified Public Accountants in China and Code of professional ethics for Chinese Certified Public Accountants issued by CICPA, to constructed sounded internal quality control code, we obeying the principles of independence, objective and impartial, and keeping the virtue of credibility and integrity, prominent quality of services and service paramount. For the burgeon of our firm, we lay emphasis on developing the dedication and team work of our employees, and focus on the improvement of the capacity of staff and their experience stored of solving all kinds of professional problems. Owe to all those, we formed positive image during our service, and won the confidence of the public.

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