SuyaJincheng held the 2018 annual work summary conference and Spring Festival Reception
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SuyaJincheng held the 2018 annual work summary conference in multi-function meeting hall of Nanjing headquarters located in 21st F of Central International Plaza in Feb 2nd 2019. More than 170 managers participated in this meeting.

The Chief Executive Partner Mr. Zhan Congcai summarized the completion of work in 2018 from seven aspects: business income, market development, quality control and so on; then he arranged the objective and achievements for the following year, and propose six measures to achieve the target of 2019. At the end of conference, Mr. Zhan Congcai requires all practitioners not be complacent and feel conceited on their work. He also expect all practitioners not to be slack or hesitant and should transform our development mode, strive for better development of the company by means of quality, innovation and value creation for the society, so as to continuously realize all practitioners' pursuit of personal dreams and better life.

All the participants attended the 2019 spring dinner party at Sofitel Hotel after meeting.


Chief Executive Partner: Mr. Zhan Congcai gives the work report for 2018

The 2018 annual work summary conference

The 2019 spring dinner party

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